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April 18, 2022 4 min read

Blue light glasses contain specially composed lenses that are said to stop or filter out the blue light given off from digital screens. The lenses are frequently marketed with high claims that they cover your eyes from eye strain and can assist decrease potential damage to your retina from extended exposure to blue light. If you are looking to buy blue light glasses online at a discount, you can buy them from Ambr eyewear, the leading glasses company. Our blue light glasses are available in non-prescription and prescription versions. If you have excellent eyesight and don't need glasses to see while using a screen, then our non-prescription blue-light-blocking lenses are best for you. You can also do blue light glasses tests online by popping your computer glasses on and noticing what color the light is that is reflecting off the lenses.

What Does Blue Light Glasses Mean?

Manufacturers have developed eyeglass lenses with special coatings or tints designed to prevent blue light from reaching your eyes to reduce the potential harm and potentially damaging effects of extended blue light exposure.

The concept behind blue-light-blocking glasses is that wearing them can decrease eye strain, affect sleep and eye damage. But there isn't a lot of analysis to back up the claim that the glasses do this. But if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer or watching television, you may still want to try them to see if they assist you in reducing eye strain and enhance symptoms like dry eye and redness.

You can also help decrease eye strain by taking 10-minute rest breaks from your computer or digital device every hour, using eye drops, and wearing glasses rather than contact lenses.

How Do Anti Blue Light Glasses Work?

Anti-blue light glasses can directly decrease symptoms of digital eye strain, specifically when working at night. Over time, wearing blue blockers while functioning on digital devices may assist in normalizing your circadian rhythm and decrease the risk of macular degeneration. Pick lenses with an anti-reflective coating to see more clearly and decrease eye strain. If blocking more of the blue light emanating from backlit digital devices is your first preference, anti-blue light glasses are the best option. When you wear blue-light blocking glasses, especially at night, you form an environment for your eyes that simulates the natural reduction in sunlight that appears in the evening. Consequently, your brain will begin melatonin production at the right time, letting you fall asleep more efficiently.

How To Buy Blue Light Glasses Online: Best Frames Collection For You

Suppose you are working on your computer, watching TV, or checking social media accounts right up until bed and are unwilling or incapable to change your schedule. In that case, blue-light blocking glasses can be your brain's defense against solid blue light. Like the night filter on your mobile devices, the lenses in these glasses block out blue wavelengths before your eyes sense them. This keeps the blue light at bay, so it doesn't interfere with your brain's average melatonin production. To buy quality blue light glasses, note the percentage of total blue light blocked and the specific range of wavelengths. Look for glasses that stop at least 90% of blue light. Here are some of the best frame collections of blue light glasses you can buy:

Asteri Blue Light Block (Up to 15% Off)

asteri blue light glasses for adults at discount

The Asteri Blue Light Glasses from Ambr Eyewear are a classic wayfarer style that suits almost all face shapes. Made from high-quality acetate, they're stabilized with a metal skeleton and reinforced with spring hinges—a stylish pair for every day. The glasses protect the eyes from screens by blocking harmful blue light from our digital devices. The dimension of this frame includes W 13cm. Lens: W 5cm x H 3.8cm. Bridge: W 2cm.

Helio Computer Glasses Best Collection (Up to 15% Off)

helio computer glasses best collection at ambr eyewear

Low and wide, the Helio Blue Light computer Glasses from Ambr Eyewear suit almost all face shapes. They are elegant, wide, rectangular unisex frames. The Helio computer frames complement most faces, particularly round, oval or narrow faces. The glasses have non-prescription and reader strengths available. The dimension of the frame is W 13cm.Lens: W 5cm x H 3.8cm. Bridge: W 19cm.

Zenith Collection Blue Light Block (Up to 15% Off)

zenith collection blue light blocking glasses at discount

Ambr Eyewear, the Zenith Blue Light Glasses are the brand's most popular frame. The slick curved shape of the frames complements any face shape, while they come with either no prescription or reader strengths—a stylish and practical choice.

Lennox Collection For Computer Glasses

lennox collection for computer glasses for adults

Ambr Eyewear, the Lennox Blue Light Glasses are created in a minimal circular design, and they are perfect for everyday wear. Available with no prescription and with reader potencies, they are fashionable and practical. The dimension of the frame is W 13cm. Lens: W 4.6cm x H 4cm. Bridge: W 2cm.

Juno Collection Blue Light Lens

blue light blocking glasses for men and women

Do your kids spend time using mobiles devices now more than ever? Protect your kids' eyes from the harmful effects of blue light in today's digital world with Ambr eyewear Juno collection computer blue light glasses for kids made with particular blue-light blocking lenses that stop blue light and UV rays from passing via the lens. In addition, these computer glasses for men and women are also available. The dimension of these frames are Lens size:c47 mm, Bridge Size:15 mm, and Frame Width38 mm.