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Head shapes


A heart face is widest at the forehead, then gradually thins all the way to chin. Best suited to a wider frame to balance out the face. We suggest trying out the Asteri, Helio, or Juno frames.


An oval face is quite balanced,  with high cheekbones that curve down to a soft rounded jawline. Luckily suited to all frame styles. The choice is yours, take a look at the Callisto and Halley frames that we just added to the site.


A round face is characterised by rounded cheeks and chin. We suggest going for rectangular glasses which are wider and will balance curved facial angles with sharp features. The Asteri, Helio or Juno frames are perfect for this face shape.


A square face's height is almost matched by its width. We suggest going for a softer, rounder frame to contrast your angular features. Take a look at the Nova, Zenith or Callisto frames.

Frame sizing