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What are Blue Light Glasses?

Ever noticed a colleague rocking a slick pair of frames around the office and suspiciously thought to yourself, ‘I didn’t think they wore glasses’?. Or perhaps you’ve been served ads in your Instagram feed, starring the most impossibly beautiful millennials, wearing glasses that claim to reduce headaches and fatigue, yet STILL LOOK AMAZING? Well folks, the rumors are true. However, it’s important to note that not all blue light glasses are created equal. Some don’t quite live up to their claims, others are just plain ugly. But, we digress. To understand how blue light reducing technology works, we first need to understand what the frick blue light actually is, and how it might be impacting our health, unbeknownst to us. Hold on to your hats, cos we’re about to get sciencey. 


So that’s the skinny on blue light and where it comes from, but what are its potential effects on the human body, and can it be effectively counteracted? To find out how blue light might contribute to digital eye strain, click here, or here for more on how it could affect your sleep cycle.